Vietnam to Cambodia Border Crossing

How To Go To Cambodia from Vietnam

The Bus Company sent in a van to transfer us to the Bus going to Cambodia, we were scheduled to leave at 8:30 am. There are several routes from Vietnam to Cambodia. The most popular is the Moc Bai – Ba Vet route, it is the first crossing between Vietnam and Cambodia to be opened to foreigners. There are plenty of buses that travel on this route; most of them are very affordable and safe. Ticket prices ranges from 13 USD to 15 USD. Mai Linh, Sapaco and GSG, are Vietnamese bus companies. Mekong Express, Capitol Tour and 168 Bus are Cambodian bus companies.  We chose Mekong Express since its most preferred company based on the blogs I have read. The attendant was English-speaking and we have free cookies and a bottle of water and wifi. A toilet is also available inside the bus which makes it convenient for long trips.

Mekong Express bus Vietnam to Cambodia
Mekong Express bus
Vietnam Immigration building.
Vietnam’s Immigration building.

Cambodian visa is available on arrival, fortunately for Filipinos, we don’t need Visa.  At the border, a bus attendant will ask passengers to get off the bus and go ahead to the Vietnamese Immigration. We were asked to bring all our belongings. They will ask to put a circle sticker on you for identification. The staff usually collects the passports, and just fall in line for it to be processed at the immigration booth. A woman outside will offer to exchange Vietnamese Dong to USD, just ignore her and don’t exchange your money.

Cambodia's Immigration Building
Cambodia’s Immigration Building

At the Exit our bus already waiting, we placed our back our languages. A few meters away were the Cambodian border control, photos and finger prints were taken and again we went in line for our passports to be processed by immigration. As we walked towards the bus some vendors asked as if we are Filipino’s, and when we said yes. They said “salamat” (thank you), and we responded “walang anuman” (welcome).  It was surprise to hear Cambodians speak Tagalog.

Mekong river
Traveling the country side, try to enjoy the vast landscape.
Welcome to Cambodia.
Welcome to Cambodia.

At around 12 pm, we stopped at a small restaurant for a quick-lunch. We also exchanged some USD to Cambodian Riel at the cashier. It was 1:00 pm when we arrived at a ferry crossing at Neak Loeang over the Mekong River. After 2 hours, we finally arrived at Phnom Penh. When we alighted the bus  we were  overwhelmed. It was a very busy terminal  and a swarm of tuk tuk drivers approached all the tourists. It was chaotic, so we avoided the crowd but one tuk tuk driver was very persistent, he offered a fair priced and he seems very nice. And he can speak good English, it was easy to give him directions to our hotel and he also gives tours. Traveling the streets in Phnom Penh was interesting. After we arrived at the hotel we agreed that will avail his tour package and he will come at 8:00 am to pick us up at the hotel.

Reminders: Don’t lose your Bus, try to follow the pack and remember your bus no. to avoid getting lost. Check all your travel Documents.

Total Travel Time: 6 hrs

Mekong Express Website

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
5 h 33 min
In current traffic: 5 h 33 min
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
293.6 km


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