Paint With Dino: Game of Thrones Fan Art

ART, Illsutrations

George R.R. Martin’s epic saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” is one of the greatest fantasy book ever written. And the HBO adaptation is equally great and one of my favorite TV show. While cleaning my files I found some Game of Thrones fan art I made back in 2014. I haven’t painted digitally so […]

November 2, 2016

Doodle With Dino: Flora and Fauna

ART, Illsutrations

Doodling is my favorite things to do during class or meetings. Almost all the time we do it semi consciously and let our imaginations run wide. For this series I wanted to draw plants and portraits, so using an hb pencil I started to draw human figures and  then doodled a bunch of random flowers […]

October 26, 2016

#InkTober 31-day Drrawing Challenge

ART, News/Events

InkTober drawing challenge InkTober drawing challenge is done by creating one ink drawing a day for the entire month on October. In 2009 artist Jake Parker created #Inktober as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It is has now become a worldwide event for all artist to share their […]

October 1, 2016

Pinto Art Museum: Doors and Windows

ART, Philippines, Travel

 Pinto Art Museum: Art | Beauty | Friendship Together with my friends we went to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. Pinto is a Filipino word for door, as you enter each gallery you are presented with beauty through art. The museum features paintings, sculptures and art installations. They also have a section for Philippine tribal or […]

June 4, 2016

Sagada Mt. Province: My First Film Rolls


Sagada Captured in Film Just got my films developed and scanned at Photoline Alimall, Cubao, the scanned version are really bad. Most of them have  VGA  quality and a mosaic look. I’m still looking for a photo lab that can scan films at affordable price. Film: Expired Fuji Color Film, Camera: Canon ftb. Below are […]

July 17, 2015

Japan’s Artistic Manhole Covers

ART, Japan, Travel

Japaness Urban Art When in Japan, there are a lot of unique and amazing street art, and this includes manhole covers. Every manhole has a unique design that either represents the area or Japan in general. I always tried to take photos of every manhole I saw on the streets.  It would be a good […]

July 10, 2015

Art Escape at Bencab Museum Tuba, Benguet

ART, Baguio

BenCab Museum: art, nature & culture Baguio city has always been known as an artist haven,  Bencab Museum is a good place to experience art and culture. The Museum is located a  midst  scenic and natural view. It also has an organic farm with natural water features, they also have an eco trail. BenCab museum has […]

May 25, 2014