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Kai Cafe : Good ambiance, a cozy cafe to hang out

Who has been home stuck these past week? The monsoon rains has kept me indoors for most of the week and its making me crazy. The best thing to do in this weather is to sip some hot drinks while reading a good book. Since I was really bored at home I decided to check some cafes in town. I’ve been hearing about Kai cafe for sometime so I decided to check it out.

The weather is perfect reading books #books #bedweather #wheninbenguet

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Kai Cafe has a really cool ambiance, they also sell books and you can read as well. due to its location there is not a lot of foot traffic so you can definitely enjoy the place. If you hate too many people you’ll definitely love hanging out here. The coffee and food taste good, but I find the coffee too weak. Based on what I read most people recommended their green tea ice cream unfortunate it was not available when we ordered.

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Kai cafe is a perfect hiding and hang out place. I’ll definitely comeback to check other item on their menu.

Km4. Pico La Trinidad 2601
Phone: 074422

FB: www.facebook.com/KaiCafe.trinidad/



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