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A day tour of Beitou, Yangmingshan and Shilin night market was originally scheduled on my last day but I have to move it since I canceled my trip to Alishan National Scenic Area. The weather was not good and I felt that I didn’t enough time to explore Alishan.

Beitou Hot Springs

Taipei Public Library

Beitou is famous for its hot springs. Several attractions includes hot spring resorts, museums and a library:

  • Taipei Public Library (Beitou Branch) – it was opened in November, 2006 and considered as a “green library” by using eco-friendly features.
  • Beitou Hot Springs Museum – it was the original public hot spring in Beitou, unfortunately it was closed for renovation when I visited.
  • Millennium Hot Springs (Public Bath House) – a public hot spring with pools located outside. They have strict with the swimming attire but the entrance fee are cheap.  The pools are closed for 30 minutes every 1½ hours  for cleaning.

Beitou Hot Springs

Thermal Valley – the water looks beautiful and the steam rising from the water looks surreal.
sakura ramen

A hot ramen for lunch was perfect for the weather.

How to get there: Ride the Red Line to Beitou Station then transfer to the pink line for of Xinbeitou.

Yangmingshan National Park

To reach Yangmingshan, I took  the S9 bus from Beitou MRT station. It was rainy and foggy when I arrived at the park, not the best time to visit. One reason I wanted to visit Yangmingshan was to check the park and cherry blossoms. I noticed that the trees didn’t bloom at the same time, some of the trees has not yet bloomed. The park in itself is quite huge, definitely need a day to hike and explore the area. I started hiking  Mt. Qixing but decided not to continue because of the rain and fog.

Yangmingshan National ParkYangmingshan forest

Yangmingshan Flower Clock is located near the visitor center and main bus station. The Surrounding garden is definitely Chinese inspired with pavilions , ponds and different flowers including cherry blossoms. From the Yangmingshan Bus Station you can take the 125 bus to the park.

Yangmingshan National Park clock

Shilin Night Market

From Yangmingshan I took the red 5, 260 bus to Jiantan MRT Station for Shilin night market. Shilin is the most popular and biggest nigh market in Taiwan, especially for tourists. There are plenty of shops that sells food and souvenirs.  Its perfect place to buy ¨pasalubongs¨ and eat more Taiwan street foods.

Shilin Night Market

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