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The City of Baguio was designated by UNESCO as a City of Crafts and Folk Art, joining the 180 member cities from 72 countries. As a testament to being a “creative city” the city has organised “EntaCool”, a festival that showcases local art and artist. The week long festival runs from November 10 to 18. Enta is from the ibaloi/kankanaey word “entaku”, which mean lets go or lets join. Cool is in reference to the weather of the city (or may also refer to  being cool).

To enjoy the creative side of Baguio, you might want to avail  CREATIVE CRAWL packaged tours. Below are the list of the packages and accredited tour operators (source DOT-Cordillera).

Baguio Creative Crawl 2018

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Official link:  Creative Baguio Site

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