Paint With Dino: Game of Thrones Fan Art

ART, Illsutrations / Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

George R.R. Martin’s epic saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” is one of the greatest fantasy book ever written. And the HBO adaptation is equally great and one of my favorite TV show. While cleaning my files I found some Game of Thrones fan art I made back in 2014. I haven’t painted digitally so I might need to practice again.

John Snow Game of Thrones Fan Art
John Snow

alayne stone , sansa stark


bran stark, summer, crow
Bran Stark

Obviously I’m from House Stark. Sansas’ character is now developing ahead of the books, I think she will develop more and become an important character in the future. I hope I can make more Game of Thrones fan art while waiting for the new season.

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