Japanese Plum 梅 (ume) Blossoms

Japan, Travel / Monday, March 7th, 2016

Although Cherry blossoms are more popular, I think that Japanese plum blossoms (ume 梅) are equally beautiful. Just like the sakura, ume blossoms are iconic symbol for spring season. Japanese plum typically blossoms at the start of spring (February to March).

Japanese plum (ume) Blossoms
tokyo day 2-48
japanese plum

Photos above are taken while strolling around Hama Rikyu gardens in central Tokyo alongside Tokyo bay.  The ume fruit is quite sour, umeboshi is the pickled version and it is usually eaten with cooked rice. I brought some umeboshi and my mom really liked it but my colleagues didn’t like it that much. I also heard  that umeboshi is good for hangovers.

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