Exploring Rural Japan – Kamo-gun, Gifu, Japan

Summer in Japan can get  really hot, so to cool down we went to nearby river in Yaoutso. In the Philippines we always go to the river during our summer vacation. So when I visited Japan, me, my cousin and her family went for a picnic at Ohira Friendly Park . The park is located near Tabisoko River which is part of the Kiso river in Yaoutso.

Ohira Friendly Park Yaotsu
We enjoyed playing and cooking barbecue in the river. We also tried to catch some fish. The park is very peaceful you definitely enjoy the sceneries and nature. The water of the river is very cold, clear and fresh.  In the weekends there are a lot of people enjoying  playing and fishing in the river. The best time to visit Ohira Friendly Park is during the summer season.


Shintabisoko Bridge
From the park you can view a particularly high bridge. The Shintabisoko Bridge is considered the highest bridge in Japan. It reaches approximately 200 m in height . The bridge was opened on January 15, 2010. The view from the bridge is impressive and you can also view the park from the bridge.


How to get to Ohira Friendly Park: Take the Route 418 via prefectural road Route 83 yaotsu tunnel by car from Tokai ringed Expressway Mitake, Kani I.C for 35 minutes


Address: Yaotsu-chō, Kutami, 八百津町久田見5530 Kamo-gun, Gifu, Japan 505-0422
Hours: Mon – Sun: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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