Penshoppe colored hair wax

Do you want to have a unique hair color this 2018? Then the new Penshoppe Style Colored Hair Wax is for you. The wax comes in three colors Grey, Blonde and Crimson Red.  The colors are temporary and easily washed. The products come out late last year but was out of stock almost instantly. Thankfully they have restocked the colored wax in their online and offline shops.

It has nice looking packaging in 80 ml container. The wax smells good and contains moisturizing Vitamin E and Jojoba. These components are good for your scalp and hair.

How To Apply and Impression:

To use the product just rub a small amount of the colored hair wax on your palms and style your hair. To get that vibrant color just add more product on hair. It wont stain your clothes but sometimes your hands will pick up some colors if you touch it. Since you need a lot of wax to get desired effect it might feel heavy on the hair and unfortunately I got pimples on my fore head. To remove products just use water and soap/shampoo.

Penshoppe colored hair waxPenshoppe colored hair wax

I feel that the product is best for people with light hair but also work with dark hair. Shorter hair means lesser product to use but if you have long hair you can also use it to create highlights (streaks). Over all the Penshoppe Style Colored Hair Wax is a cool product but I wont be using it everyday, it would be perfect for events and special occasions like Halloween.


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