Sagada Mt. Province: My First Film Rolls

ART / Friday, July 17th, 2015

Sagada Captured in Film

Just got my films developed and scanned at Photoline Alimall, Cubao, the scanned version are really bad. Most of them have  VGA  quality and a mosaic look. I’m still looking for a photo lab that can scan films at affordable price. Film: Expired Fuji Color Film, Camera: Canon ftb. Below are some of the “ok” scans from my trip in Sagada Mt. Province:




I will go to Kodak lab in Trinoma to check if they have better scanning service. Can anyone recommend a good photo lab in Manila?

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3 Replies to “Sagada Mt. Province: My First Film Rolls”

    1. Thanks Kate, I buy them at fuji film in mega mall… I also get cheap expired films from a friend who does not want reaveal her source XD but you can find a lot of people selling films online as well: )

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