Stobosa Hillside Homes Artwork

Visiting La Trinidad anytime soon? Try checking out this Instagram worthy attraction. The Stobosa Hillside Homes Artwork, is located Km.3, La Tinindad, Benguet. The area is just a few blocks away from Bell Church/ City limit (Baguio-La Trinidad Arch).

Colors of StoBoSa mural covers three sitios of barangay Balili, Stonehill, Botiw-tiw and Sadjap. The Name Stobosa  is a combination of the three sitios.  the entire mural was created by Tam-Awan Village Artists  with the help of the community and local government.

The entire project was inspired by Brazil’s Favela Paintings. The Colors of StoBoSa muralś design is very Cordillirean and features the sunflower and colorful culture of the highlands. The colorful houses looks good in photos and you can take your selfies at the hanging bridge. Hopefully they can have a viewing deck to appreciate the entirety of the mural.
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  1. True it is a photogenic place. Will also feature this next on my blog once I am ready.
    Thanks for checking my site and here I am checking your site too. I like it keep it up! Cheers!

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