Tsukiji Market and Ginza Travel Guide

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Tokyo, Japan Day 3.1:Exploring Tsukiji Market & Ginza My Day 3 Higlights: From Fish Market to Upscale Shops. It’s my third day in Tokyo but there are so many places to visit. I started my day exploring Tsukiji Market in Central Tokyo. Then I went to Ginza for some window shopping. In the afternoon I decided to spend it in Ueno […]

November 7, 2016

Western Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide

Japan, Tokyo, Travel

Tokyo, Japan Travelog Day 1: Western Tokyo I arrived in Tokyo at around 6 am, It was still early and the Inn will not be open before 10 am. I went to a Dunkin donuts near the hostel to grab some breakfast and waited for the inn to open. The staff at Retrometro backpackers were […]

March 8, 2016

Japanese Plum 梅 (ume) Blossoms

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Although Cherry blossoms are more popular, I think that Japanese plum blossoms (ume 梅) are equally beautiful. Just like the sakura, ume blossoms are iconic symbol for spring season. Japanese plum typically blossoms at the start of spring (February to March). Photos above are taken while strolling around Hama Rikyu gardens in central Tokyo alongside […]

March 7, 2016

Japan’s Artistic Manhole Covers

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Japaness Urban Art When in Japan, there are a lot of unique and amazing street art, and this includes manhole covers. Every manhole has a unique design that either represents the area or Japan in general. I always tried to take photos of every manhole I saw on the streets.  It would be a good […]

July 10, 2015