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Website Indexing refers to the process of adding your webpage into the search engines. This allows your site to be searchable via Google, yahoo or bing. Most new site owners complain that they are not in the “internet”. I always tell them to check search for their own site on the major search engines. If the site is not indexed it won’t be searchable. New websites may take some time for it to be indexed and there are a lot factors that may affect the indexing of your site.  It may take a week to 3 months for a site to be indexed.

To check whether your website/web pages are indexed follow the following steps:

1.       On the search bar type “” This shows the pages that have been indexed.

Site Indexed

2.       To see more details on an indexed page check the drop down button and click cached.  It will bring you to a snapshot of the site when it was last indexed. The details are on top of the page.


cached screensot

Screen shots were taken 4 days after launching my site. If your website is indexed, then congratulation!  Now increasing your ranking will be another story. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience.

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