Baguio Botanical Garden-The Japanese Tunnel

Inside the Tunnel

I’ve been living in Baguio almost 25 years, but never went to the Baguio’s botanical garden. But I think that’s not weird because I rarely go to tourist spots in the city. So when my friends from Manila asked me to tour them, I chose the places I was not familiar with, but off course they didn’t know that. One of the places we explored is the Japanese tunnel at the Botanical Garden, one of the city’s World War II relics. We asked the guards if we can enter, and they said yes. Armed with one mobile phone as a flash light, the five of us navigated our way inside the tunnel. People say there are ghost residing inside, I think they are right because when I first entered I heard some noises and felt something weird. I quickly went out and rejoined our group, I didn’t mention what I heard and we all entered the tunnel. Although we were all a little scared we were able to navigate around the tunnel and found the exit. This is such an exciting experience hope you can also try it.

budha japanese garden
The stairs leading to the tunnel

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