Panagbenga 2014:Grand Flower Float Parade

Panagbenga Grand Float Parade 2014
Panagbenga Grand Float Parade 2014

Last Sunday was the grand floral float parade of the Pangbenga 2014, it’s an annual event celebrated in the city of Baguio. Panagbenga is a Kankanaey word which means season of bloomingThe float parade is just one of the many activities lined up for the month long celebration. The highlight of the festivities are the street dance parade and the grand floral float parade. I was not able to watch the street dance live because of the cold weather, and I was not feeling well, fortunately there is a live coverage on local TV. There was an estimated 2 million tourist who flocked the city to watch the main events, wow that’s a lot of people in one small city.

The multi-colored floral floats displayed at the athletic bowl.
The multi-colored floral floats displayed at the athletic bowl.

The parade passes through the historic session road and ends at the Baguio Athletic Bowl, if you want to see the floats up close and take photos you can go directly at the athletic bowl. The floats were displayed from morning to evening to allow the public to appreciate the floats. there will be a lot of people so just be patient and mind your belongings.

Panagbenga 2014:Grand Float Parade
Amazing Floral Floats, Baguio City Panagbenga 2014

Floats are composed of flowers from the province of Benguet and some imported flowers. I believe that the floats are required to be composed of 90 % flowers or plant materials. Every year the floats gets better and better, Truly the city is in full bloom a celebration of it colorful history, Beauty and culture. If you missed this years celebration there is always next year. Panagbenga is celebrated every February, the Street Dancing Parade is scheduled on the fourth Saturday of February, while the Float and Marching Band Competition is scheduled on the fourth Sunday of February

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