Happy Animals Club

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Inspiring photo of Ken feeding 3 homeless dogs.

Few months ago a photo of a nine-year old boy feeding three homeless dogs on the streets went viral. I was really amazed that at a young age, Ken is doing something great and inspiring others. After the photo went viral, Ken was able to get  the dogs are off the streets with the help of the donations sent in by those who have seen the photo. He has now started a non-profit no-kill animal shelter project called Happy Animals Clubat the moment they are renting a  lot  but  it need more to become a full functioning animal shelter, if you would like to support and learn more about  his mission you can visit Happy Animals Club website for more information.

Happy Animals Club
After two months of care at Happy Animals Club White puppy, Blackie and Brownie look healthy and beautiful. According to the site they ready for adoption very soon!

CLICK  Happy Animals Club to learn more.

Photo’s are from the Happy Animals Club‘s website.


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