Rurouni Kenshin 2014 Red Carpet Event

I didn’t score any tickets for the premier but I was able to get an autograph unfortunately I was not able to get good photos…but that is fine . When Munetaka Aoki san and Satoh Takeru-san approached to sign I froze and was starstruck. I didn’t prepare for this since I read somewhere that they won’t sign autographs while walking the red carpet, thankfully I have a pen and some paper in my backpack. It was worth the wait, hope I can get Emis’ autograph next time.

Satoh-san giving autograph to some lucky fans
Aoki Munetaka – San Autograph 🙂

I have some video at the event but have to edit them, hope I can upload it asap. Regular screening will start on August 20 2014.

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