20130928_071235.jpgWow I haven’t blogged for quite some time now, I see a couple of blog post on my drafts (Indo-China tour). Hope I can publish them soon. So I’ve been busy looking for a job and then keeping a job. So for this 2015 I must make some goals, attainable goals off course.

  1. Travel more- one reason why I went back to the corporate world (BPO) is to fund my travels and of course having a stable income, if only travelling is freeL. I realized that freelancing is not for me and I don’t have the drive to have my own business (YET).
  2. Think Less- well I know this is not a good thing but for now I’m not going back to a “”Game of Thrones” mode in terms of career. The corporate life is a jungle at the moment I want to be just a normal employee. Less money but less stress (priorities).
  3. Be yourself- Being a Introvert, I can’t stand too much human interaction especially with people I don’t like or people in general. But thankfully I have developed myself to become an outgoing introvert. Last 2014 I have disconnected myself I stayed home and I only talked to my family and few friends. So this 2015 I don’t need to be friendly to everyone and its ok to say “NO”. I’m crazy, weird and awkward and that’s OK being different is what makes us unique.
  4. Do More Art- I’m not confident within my own talent and sometimes I’m just lazy. So this year I plan to buy bunch of art materials and get inspired to do more art.
  5. Blog more- I dont like writing…but I guess keeping a journal helps.

***NO. 3 I’m not really sure what I want to convey LELS.


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