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Day 4: Jakarta Indonesia Day Tour

warung putubujannga
Empal daging for dinner at warung putubujannga balinese resto.

After my Borobudur trip, I went straight for a nap, I woke up and it’s already dark. I walked to Jl Prawirotoman, which was a few blocks away from my hotel, the street is considered as a back packers area. There, you will find cafe’s, restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops and travel agents. For dinner I went to a place called Warung Putubujannga, which is a Balinese restaurant. The food was amazing, it was my first time to taste authentic Indonesian/Balinese food. The staffs were really nice and funny. It was my last night in Jogja but I hope I could  stay longer. I went to bed early to prepare for an early flight back to Jakarta.

My Jakarta adventure now begins. I took a cab from my hotel to the airport (70.000 IDR).  I arrived at Jakarta’s domestic airport  at around 7:00 am, from the entrance I went to the bus stop. Try to avoid the taxi drivers outside but  they will follow you, just smile and ignore them.  If you’re in a group of 4 you can take a taxi but make sure they are legit and reputable. The Damri bus ticket will cost around 25.000 (IDR). There are few routes from the airports that you can take to different parts of Jakarta. Since I just have a few hours in Jakarta, I just went to South Jakarta which is at the heart of the city’s central business district. Jakarta is a very huge city just like Metro Manila. I took the Damri bus that  stops at BLOCK M plaza, from there you can take a Trans Jakarta Bus.  I didn’t see any bus at that hour, I’m not sure if  I was too early, so I just took a cab to go to The National Monument (Monumen Nasional, abbreviated Monas).

The national Museum Jakarta
The national Museum also called Monash

The MONAS or Monash reminds me of Quezon City circle in the Philippines, when I arrived there was a lot of people. The Monument is really high, its 32 m (433ft) and located at  the center of Merdeka Square. The top resembles a flame and it  is covered with gold foil.  There is also a museum inside the tower,  most of the display depicts the history of Indonesia and on another level is the Hall of Independence.  There is a lift that will take you to the observation deck at the top of the tower, it is where you can have a 360 view of Jakarta.The ticket price to the observation deck is 7,500 IDR. Unfortunately the lines are so long that I decided to skip it, but I was approached by a stranger and said  that I can go to the observation deck directly but I must  pay a separate fee, tempting but no thanks. Since I haven’t eaten breakfast I bought some instant noodles sold by vendors near the entrance.

Instant noodles
Instant noodles being sold by vendors at the foot of the tower.
National Museum
National Museum

I walked around the park, it’s really hot and humid, thankfully there are many trees and vendors selling cold drinks. I know that the National Museum is near so I decided to look for it on foot. After walking around I finally found it. It’s popularly known as the Elephant Building due to the bronze elephant statue at the front court-yard. The museum has an impressive collection of  artifacts representing the Indonesia’s history and culture. museums, banks, indonesia

Museum featuring different banks in Indonesia.

Across the street I took  the Trans Jakarta bus that took me to Kota also known as old Jakarta and Batavia in the 17th century. The  Trans Jakarta Bus system is very impressive and very convenient.  The  buildings are influenced by the Dutch/European and Asian architecture. Some of the Old building are actually turned into museums, restaurants and cafe’s. I saw some building  that are deteriorating, hopefully they can be saved and restored.  In the morning, it’s nice to walk around but in the afternoon it could get really hot so I suggest to visit the museums to avoid the heat. you can also rent colorful bikes to explore the area.

European/ Dutch inspired buildings.
European/ Dutch inspired buildings.

Kota tua

Bikes can be rented , check the tourist Map for guidance.

The tourist maps was very useful, I just hope they gave out some brochure version of it.  Unfortunately I can’t go to all the places on the map since my flight back to Manila was in the evening. Since I have a midnight flight, I decided to try to sleep a few hours at the airport to save money. I always wanted to try sleeping inside an airport, and I must it was a very interesting experience. My Indonesia adventure is definitely memorable and hopefully I can comeback and explore other parts of Indonesia.

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  1. Hey malapit lng b monas and national museum? And what u recomend hotel in jogya.planing to go indo solo travel this dec tnx

    1. yes, magkalapit lang ang Monas and the Museum. I didnt stay in a hotel, just a hostel (dorm type). Check on hotels on Malioboro Street, since it’s Jogjas main boulevard and backpacker area. I usually use Trip advisor to check on accomodations.

      below is the link of the hotel , its small and cozy with great free tea and coffee + free breakfast 🙂

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