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Tokyo, Japan Travelog Day 1: Western Tokyo

I arrived in Tokyo at around 6 am, It was still early and the Inn will not be open before 10 am. I went to a Dunkin donuts near the hostel to grab some breakfast and waited for the inn to open. The staff at Retrometro backpackers were really nice. Since it was raining the other day they lent me an umbrella just in case it rains.

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I explored the western part of Tokyo on my first day. My first stop was going to Meiji shrine. Meiji shrine (明治神宮, Meiji Jingū), is one of the most popular shrine in Japan. It is surprising to see spacious grounds in the middle of a very populated city.

Meiji Shrine

The wooden plaques you see above are wishing plaques or Emma. It is a Shinto custom and you can see them in different shines all over Japan. You can buy the plaques at the temple and write your wish, then you can hang them up on the shrine grounds.

meiji shrine
meiji wedding

Aside from strolling arround the expansive temple grounds you can sometime witness traditional Japanese weddings and other traditional ceremonies. I also bought some amulets/omamori for my parents, the omamoris I got are for good health. To get to Meiji shrine you can take the train on the JR Yamanote line stopping at Harajuko station.


After exiting the main gate I crossed the street in front of Harajuko station and explored the shops at Takeshita Dori Street. The shops are trendy and cute (kawaii), expect a lot of people especially during weekends. If your into fashion you will definitely love this street. I walk arround until I reached Omotesando Hills, I was surprised that there was a parade for Saint Patricks day in Japan. After watching the parade I went to a Lawson to check if I can buy a Ghibli Museum ticket, unfortunately they are fully book for the entire month. I wish I could have purchased a ticket in advance before travelling to Japan.


I continued walking until I reached Shibuya, I walked in the famous Shibuya crossing and visited the statue of Hachiko. Since it’s getting late and im really tired from all the walking, I just decided to go back to the inn and skipped going to Shinjuko. It also started raining thankfully I brought an umbrella.

tokyo japan

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