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Day 1.2 Locks of Love N Seoul Tower (N 서울타워)

Visiting the N Seoul Tower was scheduled the next day but since we had time, we decided to check it out. We took the subway  and alighted at exit 3 of Myeong-dong Station (line 4). We walked for about 10-15 min  to reach the cable car that took us to the tower. In the cable car you could see the city, the city lights was breathtaking. The tower is located at the highest point of Mt. Namsan.

At the foot of N Seoul Tower
At the foot of N Seoul Tower

Aside from the panoramic view of the city, there are several things you can do especially for couples. The teddy bear museum exhibits diorama of the history of Seoul using of teddy bears. At the observatory you can take a panoramic view of the city. The cityscape is breathtaking especially at night. The tickets for the observatory + teddy bear museum costs  12,000 won for adults. We decided not to take the tour because I’m not really fond of teddy bears. We were satisfied with  the cityscape view below the tower’s observation decks. The Bear museum shop is open for all. They have all sorts of bears, my friend bought one to add to her teddy bear collection.

Teddy Bear Museum Entrance
Teddy Bear Museum Entrance

Locks of Love North Seoul Tower

There are love lock or love padlocks around the world including Korea. Love padlocks are used by couples to symbolize their love and commitment (maybe?). A lot of couple I saw came here to place their own locks ,  one sweet moment was when I saw an elderly couple placing their own locks. So if your single and sad don’t come here (just a warning). Thankfully we where touring in a group so it made it less awkward.

Love Love love
love lock keys seoul
It is prohibited to throw keys out from the 236.7 m (777 ft) elevated platform

After the couples place their lock they would throw the keys, but it is prohibited to throw it out from the platform. Just throw it in the trash can albeit it’s less romantic/dramatic.

I spotted a key with a celebrity's name.
I spotted a key with a celebrities name.

Did you see that… you can put a celebrity’s name or even your imaginary girlfriend or boyfriend’s name XD.


 Cable Car
At Exit #3 of Myeong-dong Subway Station, Line No. 4, walk toward Pacific Hotel and then walk 10 minutes to the Namsan Cable Car.
Running hours: 10:00~23:00

Fees: Ages 14 and over (Round-trip ₩7,500 / One-way ₩6,000), Ages 7 to 13 (Round-trip ticket ₩5,000 / One-way ₩3,500)

Official Websites:

www.teddybearmuseum.co.kr (Korean, English)
www.nseoultower.co.kr (Korean, English)





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