Seoul Searching on a Budget (4 day tour):

Please note that the table does not contain our actual expenses, it was just an estimate and just a guide. But we remained fairly faithful to the set budget. It’s just the minimum amt. you need for a Seoul Searching on a Budget.

I left shopping expense for your own discretion as this will be a huge part of your budget; I suggest you do this at the end of your trip where you can spend comfortably. When shopping in Seoul there are good bargains all around so don’t be afraid to explore and haggle.

The airfare is very cheap because we were able to avail the Piso fare promo offered by Cebu Pacific. Buy your tickets as early as possible to get the best prices and promos. We bought our tickets almost a year before our planned trip so always plan ahead. Check out Cebu Pacific’s’ website for more details (link).

We skipped going to expensive theme parks and guided tours. Our itinerary focused on free tourist attractions or those that require just a minimum entrance fee.  There are a lot of places you can go for free; and what’s convenient is that you can reach them by their efficient and a little confusing subway system. We used T money card for more details check this website (link). Taxi fare in Seoul is expensive so avoid it as much as you can.

Food is very important when travelling, you’ll need it for energy and also to experience the culture through their food so don’t be afraid to try. There are a variety of places you can eat that offers western food, traditional Korean food and even street foods, off course Street food and fast food are cheaper.

Seoul Searching on a Budget (very tight budget)
The Budget ***not actual expense ***

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***amounts in PHP (Philippine Peso)

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