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Day 4.1:  Seoul World Cup Stadium (서울월드컵경기장), Namsangol Hanok Village (남산골한옥마을) and Seoul’s Thousand-Year Time-capsule – Travel Guide

It’s our last day in Korea, it’s also our last chance to shop for souvenirs. But before that, we decided to visit Seoul’s world cup stadium, Namsan hanok Village, Seoul’s Thousand-Year Time-capsule then to Myeondong to shop. The Seoul world cup stadium is the closest from our hostel, just one station away.

World Cup Stadium
World Cup Stadium


World Cup Stadium Station (Subway Line 6), Exit 1 or 2.

Namsan Hanok Village

We actually just took a peek at the stadium as there are no activities at the time and nothing much to do, so we took the subway and went to our next destination. Namsan Hanok Village Is a compound housing hanok structures or traditional houses. You can also view the N Seoul tower since the village is located at the foot of Namsan Montain.

N Seoul Tower

Visitors can explore traditional houses that  were restored , there are also beautiful garden around a flowing stream. There are various activities inside, we tried out some traditional games. It was fun playing around and trying out some traditional activities.

Namsan Hanok Village
Traditional Korean Garden
Hanok,Traditiona Houses

Hanok,Traditional Houses

Seoul’s Thousand-Year Time-capsule and the N Seoul Tower at the back ground.
Seoul’s Thousand-Year Time Capsule and the N Seoul Tower at the background.

Seoul’s Thousand-Year Time-capsule Square

Aside from the traditional houses, inside  Namsangol Hanok Village is the site of Seoul’s Thousand-Year Time-capsule Square. Seoul has been the capital city of Korea for 600 years,  the time-capsule contains the 600 representative cultural properties that was buried under the ground in November 29, 1994.

The place consists of a square, a capsule, and cultural properties within the capsule. The square looks like a crater and it is designed by one of Seoul citizens, who received an award in this competition. Its external diameter is 42 meters, internal diameter is 27 meters, and the depth is 5.7 meters. The capsule designed as Bosingak bell and contains 600 cultural properties that represent Seoul and its citizens. Its diameter is 1.4 meters, height is 2.1 meters, and the weight is 2.5ton.The cultural properties stored in the form of micro-film video-CD. (source:

After a lovely walk around the compound we decide to grab some lunch. We decided to take our lunch at Myeongdong, where we decided to shop.



Chungmuro Station (Seoul Subway Line 3 or 4), Exit 3 or 4.[Bus]
Take a bus bound for Toegyero-3 ga or Namsangol Hanok Village.
Blue Bus: 104, 105, 263, 371, 400, 507, 604
Green Bus: 0013, 0211, 7011
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