Day 4.2: Myeong-dong (명동) Shopping Guide

We started our shopping adventure at the underground shopping centers. They sell assorted items from souvenirs,ginseng to affordable Korean fashion items. The very long underground shopping center is connected to Myeongdong, specifically at the Lotte department store.

Myeongdong shops
Streets lined with shops at Myeongdong Shopping Street (Seoul, South Korea)

Shopping in Myeongdong

Myeongdong Shopping Street is located in central Seoul, the streets can be really crowded since it is the center  for  shopping, finance, and culture. Most shops in Myeongdong deal with mid-priced to high-end items. The main streets is lined with known brands like Uniqlo and North face. If you want more affordable items you can explore the side alleys, there are also department stores in the area,if you have more budget.

myeongdong, shopping
At night, small shops are installed at middle of the streets.
pizza korea
Finally some Pizza

Shopping We have been eating Korean food for the last few days so we decided to eat some western food. There are a number of restaurants around Myeongdong that caters for both eastern and western tastes.

Korea is known for their obsession to beauty products, In Myeongdong there are beauty shops every where. Another interesting thing you’ll notice is that most of the shops uses male models or personalities to endorse their products. Since competition is high, most shops give free stuff to entice people to enter their shops. Giving free products is common in Korea.

For your reference see below directions (source:




– Seoul Subway Line 4 Myeongdong Station Exit 7.
Myeongdong Street (A) 
Migliore, U-too Zone (Shopping Malls)/ Brand Name Shops (Levi’s, Bean Pole, Geumgang Shoes Store, Elkanto Shoe Store, Esquire Shoe Store, etc.)
Side Alley (B)
mid-priced brand name shops (Ssamzie, Club Monaco, Guess) / No-Name Brand Stores/ Trend 20, Myeongdong Uiryu (Shopping Malls)
Side Alley (C)
No-Name Brand Shops/Brand Name Shops (Giordano, Jangbangee)/Restaurants/Coffee Houses
Central Street (D)
National Souvenir Center / Avatar (Shopping Mall)/banks/fast food restaurants
Chinese street (E)
Chinese Embassy/Chinese restaurants/stores for Chinese medicine, books, etc.
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