It was always my dream to travel to Japan. I grew up watching Japanese anime and playing Japanese computer games. Last year I finally booked a flight, at that Time I was jobless so I decided to look for a job and save money for the trip.  Another problem was getting a visa, fortunately Japan have “relaxed” the Visa requirements for Filipinos and other South East Asian countries. The last hurdle was asking for a permission for a time off at work which was really difficult, but thankfully it all worked out and I was given 10 days time off.

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I was able to book a Piso flight from budget airlines Cebu pacific, I’m now ready to travel to Japan. I know that tickets sells very fast so you might  want to check flights going to Nagoya. Most tourists who travel to Japan prefer flights going to Osaka or Narita (Tokyo). From Nagoya you can take a shinkansen, a domestic flight or the cheapest way is take the bus.

Mid night buses are actually comfortable and you can save on accommodation. Willer busses are the cheapest and they have an English site where you can reserve a trip. Unfortunately  there was no available midnight bus on my scheduled arrival in Nagoya. So I decide to just check the other bus companies once I arrived in Nagoya.

After arriving in Nagoya I went straight to the Meitetsu bus but I was informed that there is no available trip to Tokyo on my preferred time, so they advised me to check with JR lines. I walked several blocks and fortunately they have a trip to Tokyo. It was a 6 hour trip but it was very comfortable.


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