Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a new experience for me. The main attraction of the route is the  snow wall corridor. The snow walls can go up to 20 meters high. Unfortunately the route can be affected by the weather. On my visit we were not able to go through the snow wall corridor because of the bad weather. The route can be accessed through various modes of transportation; cable cars, trolley buses and a rope-way.  The Alpine Route has two starting points, one starting from Tateyama Station (Toyma Prefecture), and the other from Ogizawa (Nagano Prefecture).

Toyoma city

I spent the night in Toyoma city coming from Shirakawa-go. I woke up early for my Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route adventure. I stayed at a cozy guest house called Guest House Enishi. I bought my tickets at Dentetsu Toyama Station a day before and it costs 9,000 yen for the full Kurobe Alpine Route. It was a bit expensive but it was totally worth it. If your travelling with luggage you can avail their  baggage forwarding service at Dentetsu Toyama station. While researching the route, I thought it was difficult but it was actually easy and convinient.

Transportation & Attractions Along The Alpine Route

Full route (Dentetsu Toyama – Shinano Omachi)


Toyama Chiho Railway  U+21D2.svg



Tateyama Cablecar  U+21D2.svg



Highland Bus  U+21D2.svg

*Tateyama Snow Corridor U+21D2.svg

*Murodo U+21D2.svg

Alpine transport trolley


Tateyama Trolley Bus U+21D2.svg

*Daikanbo U+21D2.svg

*Kurobedaira U+21D2.svg


Kurobe Cablecar U+21D2.svg

Kurobe Dam U+21D2.svg

Alpine transport trolley

Kanden Trolley Bus  U+21D2.svg



Ogizawa-Omachi Bus


____end of route _____

tateyama alpine route

Experiencing Snow in Summer 

In the alps you can still experience snow even if it was the start of summer. Since we don’t have snow in the Philippines it was a fascinating experience. I traveled mid July but it was raining so the Snow Corridor was not passable. I was not able to explore the entire Marudo area as well because of the bad weather. It was really sad that the weather was not cooperating.

tateyama Snow wall corridor

Kurobe Dam

The Kurobe Dam or Kuroyon Dam is Japan’s tallest dam at 186 meters.  The dam can be accessed via the trolley bus. You can walk over the dam to reach the stairs that leads to the observation deck. The aerial view of the dam and its surrounding is breath-taking. When we arrived at the Kurobe Dam the weather got better and the raining stopped.

Kurobe Dam

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route is definitely interesting. Exploring the “roof of Japan” was definitley an adventure I wont soon forget. For more information check the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route official website.

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