From Baguio I traveled by bus for 8 hrs to reach Manila international airport,I arrived just in time to catch my flight to Jakarta, Indonesia. Riding the bus was really tiring . I Arrived at Jakarta at around 12:00 am, I didn’t really have enough sleep and have zero mental alertness to exit an airport, in short I got lost.

Inside the Airport

An airport employee helped me out, then I got lost again another person working at the airport helped me  but asked for a tip the BS about it is that he knew that the money changer gave me bills with denomination of 50,000 IDR. Then a friend of his who claims to be a taxi driver approached us and asked me if I need a taxi to go to the terminal 3/Domestic airport. I told them Ill wait for the shuttle bus, but they informed me that the bus will operate at 7:00 am and I’ll miss my flight at 5:55 am. I’m familiar with the scare tactics the worst part is his asking me for 200,000 IDR, I’m really angry and frustrated at this point but I must keep it cool (Filipinos are kind) so I still smiled and politely refused but he became a little aggressive in the way he spoke so I told him Ill ask more info inside, but in reality I hid inside (behind a dunkin booth) then came out after a few min. after I went out I really didn’t pay attention to the “taxi drivers” . A lot of them approached me but since I’m really tired I agreed to one person who charged me 50,000 IDR. To my surprise we rode in a car, a small SUV not a taxi.

sunrise at Indonesia
Sun rise, think positive

Not really a good first impression, but when this things happen you must be positive and don’t let it get to you.Lesson learned, don’t pay attention to the taxi driver outside if you need a legit taxi go outside the airport (blue taxi) or asked info. inside the airport.Aside from that bad experience I was not able to withdraw from my BPI ATM, I made a post about that earlier (read here).

What I noticed on the airport is the lack of brochures and free maps and the normal tourist info. booths that is seen in most airports.

I have subdivide my Indonesia trip to several post.

DAY 1 : Exploring Parambanan Temple

DAY 2-1 : Making a Splash at Taman Sari Water Castle 

Day 2-2: The Sultan’s Palace

Day 2-3: Shopping at Maliboro

Day 3: Sunrise at Borobodur Temple

Day 4: Jakarta in a Day


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